How to choose the right bra size: Secrets of Support and Comfort


How to choose the right bra size: Secrets of Support and Comfort

A suitable bra size is the key to the comfort, support and health of your breasts. However, choosing the right size can sometimes seem difficult. In this article, we will analyze the basic steps for choosing a suitable bra size.

1. Measure The Girth Under The Chest:

The first step to the correct size is to measure the girth under the breast. Take a soft centimeter tape and measure the circumference under the chest, wrapping the tape around the torso, but not tightening too much. Write down this value.

2. Measure Your Chest Circumference:

Then measure the girth of the fullest part of the chest, without tightening the tape too much and without leaving it too loose. Write down this value.

3. Calculate The Difference:

To determine your size, subtract the girth under the breast from the girth of the chest. The difference in centimeters can be used to determine the size in the size system that you prefer (for example, EU, US or UK).

4. Determine The Size Of The Cups:

The size of the cups (A, B, C, D, and so on) is determined by the difference between the chest girth and the girth under the breast:

0 cm: AA (optional AA)
10 cm: A
15 cm: B
20 cm: C
25 cm: D
30 cm: DD (E in some size systems)
35 cm: DDD(F)
40 cm: G and so on
5. Take Into Account Individual Characteristics:

Remember that each manufacturer may have small deviations in size and fit, so it is always useful to try on a bra before buying.

6. Contact Professionals:

If you have difficulties with choosing a size, contact the seller or a consultant specializing in underwear. They can offer professional advice and help in choosing the right bra.

Do not forget that the size of the bra can change over time, especially during pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight changes. Therefore, it is important to periodically check your size and update your wardrobe accordingly. But with the right bra size, you will feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

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